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Steps To Become A Affiliator On My Website

Step 1 – Go to

Step 2 – Fill your all the details required to sign up as a affiliator

Step 3 – You have successfully signed up as a affiliator on my website

Step 4 – Now you have to go to login now so go here –

Step 5 – Password is waiting for you in your e-mail id. Open your e-mail id and then enter the password.

Step 6 – You have successfully logged in

Step 7 – For generating or promoting us you have to click on “Affiliate Links” tab

Step 8 – Then copy your link that you are seeing under affiliates tab

Step 9 – Now. When anyone opens this link then we got the information that you have promoted us by your link

Step 10 – We simply pay you by any payment method such as PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer, Google Pay, Paytm or any other suitable payment method

NOTE: You will only get paid if you follow these 2 steps

1 – We will give you the payment click-wise. We will give you per click Rs. 0.50 or we can say that $0.0066 per click.

2 – The second type is when anyone makes an order with your link then you will get 10% as a commission.

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