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Whats Is A Backlink | Backlink SEO

What is a backlink in SEO ( Backlink seo ) ?

A backlink is a trust for your website or any other website that helps you to rank higher in any search term of any of the search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing Or Yandex

Need of backlink?

A backlink is the main factor that helps you to rank on google’s top position. You can see anywhere that a website with backlinks and a website without backlinks. The main difference between the website having backlinks and the website that doesn’t have any type of Seo backlinks is that. Website with Seo backlinks rank higher on google. There are 80 percent chances to rank on the first page of google. Website without Seo backlinks never rank on the first page of google in high difficulties keywords and traffic gaining pages. So, In order to gain the traffic you just have to create the backlinks For BACKLINKS SEO. The backlinks SEO is very gainful to your website because it helps to rank on google’s first page.

What type of backlinks do I make?

While making valuable Seo backlinks you have to invest some time in making this because it is a very long time-consuming process. You have to make White hat SEO backlinks and keep in mind you don’t have to make black hat SEO backlinks. Whenever you make Blackhat SEO backlinks you are forcing Google to shut down your page. Only the white hat process is best for making backlinks.

Dofollow Or Nofollow?

While choosing between Nofollow Seo backlinks and Dofollow Seo backlinks you just have to keep in mind that the percentage you make is something about: 80 to 85 percent DOFOLLOW and 20 to 25 percent NOFOLLOW. I know that only Dofollow Seo backlinks help your website to rank higher but you also have to make some Nofollow Seo backlinks in order to prevent any penalty from the side of google.

How to create Dofollow Or Nofollow Seo backlinks?

For making Nofollow Seo backlinks

Check and edit this sample URL according to you to make a nofollow Seo backlink:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Google</a>

For making Dofollow Seo backlinks

Check and edit this sample URL according to you to make a dofollow Seo backlink:

<a href=””>Google</a>

Where or how to track Seo backlinks?

You can simply track your valuable Seo backlinks on “Ahrefs backlinks checker” Or “Moz backlink checker”. But I recommend you to track your Seo backlinks on “Ahrefs backlink checker” because this backlink checker allows you to check your backlinks in just 2 to 3 minutes without signing up on their website and “ahrefs backlinks checker” provides you the realtime indexed backlinks report you don’t have to wait for a long time to see your valuable Seo dofollow or nofollow links indexed. In “Moz links tracker” you have to signup first then you can only check your valuable SEO backlinks.

Steps to track backlinks?

1 – Simply go to “ahrefs backlinks checker

Backlink seo

2 – Enter your domain or URL where you want to track your valuable Seo backlinks

Backlink seo

3 – Click on check backlinks

4 – Verify I am not a robot.

5 – Then you will see your Seo backlink profile just like as given below

Backlink seo

For example, I am checking this website You can check your own simply.





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